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This is the perfect system for a budget conscious homeowner. This system is available with up to three diffusers and offers many of the same features as our commercial or professional grade AirPro systems.

Why buy from Aqua Control?

  • Best warranties in the industry
  • Lower cost than competition
  • AirEco™ enclosure engineered to remove heated air at a faster rate than competitive angled lid designs
  • Quietest equipment on the market
  • Industry’s finest customer support
  • Aerial mapping service, GPM and electrical cost calculators available via the Aqua Control Website

What are the benefits of an Aqua Control Aeration System?

  • Increases water clarity
  • Eliminates foul pond odors
  • Prevents fish kills by increasing oxygen levels
  • Eliminates thermal stratification
  • Reduces nutrient and associated algae levels
  • Reduces mosquito hatches


  • Perfect system for the homeowner
  • Available for use with up to three AirPod™ diffusers
  • Fiberglass NEMA Type 3R outdoor enclosure features a 2 – year warranty
  • 1/3 HP WOB-L™ piston compressor is oil free and features a 2 – year warranty
  • AirPod™ diffusers are self-cleaning and feature a 5 – year warranty
  • AirPod™ diffuser bases are self weighted at the factory – no need to add pea gravel or weight
  • AnchorLine™ self-weighted air tubing features a 15 – year warranty
  • AirPod™ diffusers release air only inches from the pond bottom preventing disruption of settled organics
  • 240 CFM cooling fan has a sealed bearing
  • AirEco™ system available in 120v or 230v single phase @ 60Hz or 230v single phase @ 50Hz
  • GFCI protected equipment for safety on 120v applications
  • Aerates water bodies from 6’ to 35’ deep
  • Equipment base comes standard with every unit, eliminating the need for a concrete base
  • The oil free WOB-L™ piston compressor is easily and economically maintained

60 Hz Specifications

Lake Bed Aeration SystemsAirPod Diffusers IncludedAmps @ 120VAmps @ 230VCFM @ 20 PSIGPM PumpedkW
AirEco 335.52.43.8412,5000.59

50 Hz Specifications

Lake Bed Aeration SystemsAirPod Diffusers IncludedAmps @ 230VAir Flow Liters / min @ 2 BarGPM PumpedkW
AirEco 111,23324000,26
AirEco 221,99371000,47
AirEco 331,993107000,47

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