Pond Bottom Circulator

Bottom Circulator

The patented Pond Bottom Circulator uses the very high volume Select Series Aerator pump to circulate high volumes of water at high velocity within a pond or cove.

The high velocity flow allows the circulation to extend a considerable distance so that one or two Pond Bottom Circulators can create complete circulation in a pond or cove, depending on the size. In addition, the flow is directed slightly upwards so the bottom water is gradually brought to the surface. This brings deep, oxygen poor water to the surface from below the thermocline where it is naturally and effectively aerated. This is an excellent method of enhancing pond water quality without having a surface pattern.

Normally, the Pond Bottom Circulator can stay on the bottom through winter. If desired, the Pond Bottom Circulator can be removed by retrieving the rope that is attached to the finder float and removing the weight for sinking. The unit now has positive buoyancy and will float to the surface. It is then easy to pull the assembly to shore for removal or cleaning of the suction screen.

60hz Specifications

GPMMin. Operating Water Depth (in.)Single PhaseThree PhasePower Usage

50hz Specifications

CHMMin. Operating Water Depth (m.)Single PhaseThree PhasePower Use

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