Niagara 2 Waterfall Pump System

Niagara 2 Series

This 1 HP to 7.5 HP product line is built using axial pumps designed with new SS2 (Select Series 2) technology. Composed of high strength composite materials, these innovative pumps are designed to produce very high flow (42,000 GPH max.) with head/heights up to 45′ with minimal stress on the motor.


  • Axial pumps 2 HP to 5 HP
  • New SS2 Technology
  • High flow at low head (height)
  • Volumes exceeping 700 GPM & heights to 45 feet

Sled Design

  • No expensive vault required
  • Patented design allows pump to rest lightly on the pond bottom without sinking into mud and silt
  • Patented design allows pump to float to surface for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Installation is as easy as installing a floating fountain
  • The provided flexible hose connects to hard pipe at shore.
  • Requires 4′ or 6′ of pond depth for proper operation based upon HP selected
  • Design can be used with any Niagara 2 pump.
  • System includes Control Panel, Check Valve, Flexible Discharge Hose and electrical Quick Disconnect

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